Facility Moving 

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer of World 3 Gun. Over the past year we have been growing and expanding our member base as well as the impact that we have on our community. 

Due to an underground sewer problem we had to move out of our current location in Farmington Hills Michigan. We are currently in the process of looking for a new facility in the area. With this move it has given us the ability to grow our next location. We are planning on expanding and offering even more experiences for you!

During this time we are looking at doing some portable locations in the area. Current members will be able to come and enjoy these portable locations just like you are currently using our facility. If you are not a member yet we will have times for you to take our Gun Control 101 and start enjoying your membership. We will have mags that you may purchase and all the gear and guns ready for you just like back home.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and we will be informing you on what are plans are every step of the way. We will let you know when and where our portables will be so you can stop by and shoot! Be sure to “like” us on facebook to also get updated information of what is happening.

We are extremely excited for the new locations and all the plans we have for World 3 Gun. We have many plans for expansion and growth at our new location. We can’t wait until we can start shooting together again! Thank you for supporting us through these times. The next step will be the final and we want to make sure you come with us! Any questions please contact us.

World 3 Gun