The first step at World 3 Gun is our proprietary "Gun Control 101".  You will be using our 360 degree move and shoot facility and non lethal ammo to engage multiple targets, from multiple positions, in multiple courses with multiple guns.  This experience is designed to equip ANYONE with the basic and moderate skills necessary to safely handle any semi automatic pistol and modern sporting rifle (AR-Platform).  Prepare to spend an hour and a half to two hours and wear loose fitting pants, as well as athletic shoes.  All guns, 200 rounds of ammo, gear and safety equipment are included.  The cost is $80 for non members.
          In "Gun Control 101" shooters will arrive at World 3 Gun in Farmington Hills.  You will register by signing a liability waiver and take a brief (Pre-Shoot/Post-Shoot) survey.  Then each shooter will be introduced to their instructors for their course and then get started!
         The first item on the agenda is the basic understanding of being in control of your gun(s) at all times.  From the time you take the lock off to the time you put the lock back on and everything in between.  From how to store safely, recommended cleaning intervals, to how to talk to your kids, as well as total family safety strategies.  
          Then we get to gun handling.  We work on grip - this is a big concern in the shooting sports industry, inconsistency in grip causes many issues; such as, failure to feed, jams and of course shooting off target.  So, practicing the proper two handed grip, as well as the one handed, left and right are paramount for practical shooting.  We then work on the most important element......the transfer from one hand to the other.......CONSISTENTLY.  From there, it's all about the stance.  Footwork is crucial - a strong foundation is everything.  We work on getting low and being able to quickly move in any direction with sure footedness.  And then we arrive at our stopping point and we are ready to engage targets with a positive stance, READY!
          Next we work on sight picture.  There are many categories of sights; dot, post, peep, reflex and more but the one thing they all have in common is that they have to be on target before you squeeze the trigger.  We'll talk about proper sight placement, as well as how to require a positive sight picture while moving through a tactical scenario.
         Now we address trigger control.......squeeze, don't pull.  Breath don't hold, tip not crease.  We'll incorporate all these fundamentals and experience the results behind proper trigger manipulation.
         We are now ready to gear up!  At World 3 Gun, all the gear - belt, pistol holder, dual magazine pouch, rifle magazine pouch, magazine dump pouch, safety glasses and, oh yeah,               THE GUNS are all included.  So, we get you geared up, with a pistol in your holster and (3) 20 round mags and we commence applying the above shooting skills to action.  We start at point blank range drawing the gun from the holster and getting the muzzle forward first.  We apply both hands to the grip and we start shooting through drills.  At this point, we're shooting at paper targets so we can measure the shot patterns.  We continue to move backwards and forwards to the 21 foot mark working the range and engaging the target with one and two hand shooting. 
          Now it starts to get challenging.  Shooting from behind concealment and from cover is an important part of personal defense tactics.  At World 3 Gun the scenarios change every week but always include drills that challenge the shooter to get low behind cover and engage targets.  We are now ready for intense move and shoot scenarios.  At this point of "Gun Control 101" shooters are tested as move and shoot drills are assigned.  The drills encompass moving from position to position standing, kneeling, as well as two and one handed shooting and from here, shooters are asked to to slide lock their pistol, forcing a magazine change in the midst of a tactical scenario.  Now it's getting real!  Muzzle direction during magazine changes can cause big problems if stress and a lack of training are involved.  We demonstrate how to stay small and calm, manipulate the mag change successfully and get back on target.  And now, on to the rifle.....the modern AR-15, as popular as ever before.  Because World 3 Gun utilizes training rifles, it is fully legal to shoot in full auto (BIG FUN!!).  
         Last, on to the ARENA....We have an 1,100 square foot shoot house which we call the arena.  You enter with a loaded tactical belt with your pistol and (3) pistol mags and a rifle with 40 rounds.  There are 180 targets inside the arena but only 120 friendlies and 60 threats.  With a range officer and on our "Go", you will have to negotiate the arena locating the threats and neutralize them with one or more hits.  You are timed and will be penalized for any mistakes, such as a failure to engage a threat, failure to neutralize a threat, shooting a friendly and any other technical error.  Your total time plus penalties will equal your total arena time.  Compare that to the roster for times for the week and see where you rank.  From here, we hope to see you again as a member!!