World 3 Gun is a unique and innovative indoor experience for shooting enthusiasts from the novice and upwards to the most experienced shooter.   Using real guns that have been modified to fire non-lethal ammunition, shooters can learn and perfect their skills in a safe environment at a mere fraction of the cost of live ammo.  Shooters experience real life scenarios and physical movement from room to room as various target configurations are presented.

     Founder, Peter Bakatselos birthed World 3 Gun from his own passion of competition shooting and gun safety when he realized there was nowhere available to practice live action, move and shoot drills in a safe, yet cost conscious environment.  Pete's initial ideas transformed into the most exciting shooting experience to  every level of shooter.

     At World 3 Gun, we take pride in starting every member with safety principles that become lifelong lessons.  We train both gun owners and non-gun owners the importance of shooter safety and require and uphold the highest in safety standards before shooters enter our shooting arenas.  The 360 degree arenas feature multiple shooting lanes, an 800 square foot darkroom plus a 1,100 square foot course of target fire that will provide excitement and experience for the first time shooter but will also challenge the most experienced. 

     All of our weapons, which include handguns, rifles and shotguns are civilian legal and all guns, ammunition and tactical gear are provided. 

     Come join us for a unique shooting experience which is sure to bring you back for more!